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Written by: Pete Robson

Dan Sowerby’s debut album ‘Milestone’ will pick you up, put you down, and shake you about. Some songs will have you dancing whilst others will have you crying, but the transition between each song works, this diversity makes for a well balanced album that can be enjoyed what ever mood you’re in. The title track ‘Milestone’ is one song that seems to almost summarize the whole album. All of the diversity found throughout the album has been concentrated into this one song. The acoustic intro has its roots in folk, this then explodes into a blues/rock vibe before mellowing down to a rhythm that canters like a prize pony. This all happens within just 50 seconds!


It would be hard to describe this album as anything other than a blues album after hearing the first song ‘Good Feelings’. This high spirited song may not have the dejected lyrics one would expect from a blues song, but the use of traditional blues instruments such as harmonica and resonator guitar, give this song an early Chicago blues feel. As ‘Good Feelings’ draws to an end we are confronted with ‘Moan N Wail’ a song of woeful misery. Dan sings of hard luck, while his guitar and Ray Drury’s piano respond to the lyrics with sympathy.


Track like ‘Winter of 75’ and ‘Bumble Bee’ seem to be songs that Dan has written from his own personal life. These songs prove Dan can release his emotion lyrically as well as musically. With such an obvious display of personal attachment to a song I start wonder where else Dan may have used his personal experiences to write a song. I now listen to the album again in a new light. Songs like ‘Start All Over’ now seem to be more bona fide blues songs than I first thought.

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