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Written by: Pete Robson

At first glance Daniel Glover's new EP 'What Happened Last Week' could easily be a concept EP. With only five tracks – one for each day of the working week – I assume track one is Monday and track five is Friday. The title of track five 'We Are Free' assured me that my assumptions of a concept EP are founded. But when I listen to 'We Are Free' my expectations are quashed, there are no celebratory lyrics of fleeing work on Friday afternoon. Instead this track celebrates the freedom we are all entitled too as human beings. The lyrics make primitive references like "I was born free" which assist in reminding us of our humanity. The true beauty of this song comes from its complex arrangement, this song has three parts. The first part has a typical folk/pop flavour, building slowly until fading out. The second part enters the mix like a new song, the theme of the song remains the same but the music has completely transformed. The third and final section starts, and yet again this is entirely different from the preceding two section. This four minute song has three totally different mini songs within it, perfectly blended.


Well the last track on the EP is a hit, but what about the first track? It takes me less than ten seconds to decided that this is not an EP to be listened to on headphones, there are drums in my right ear, and guitar in my left. This is an uncomfortable balance but order is restored when I unplug to listen through speakers. I can now focus on the intriguing lyrics which draw the listener in with simple everyday references such as 'annoying mates' and 'Vauxhall Corsas'. The song tells the story of leaving a boring party, and the events which follow. The slurred pronunciation makes it difficult to pick up on every word, but this delivery does enhance the flow of the song. The vocal also benefits from the ambient effects and multi layering.


For me the standout track on this EP is 'Heavy Mind'. Not only is this the standout song of the EP, but this is the standout song of the last 12 months. It embodies everything I look for in a song. It is well crafted with simple emotional lyrics that effortlessly describe a vivid story. Yet some details are withheld allowing the listener to draw their own conclusions.


On reflection this may not be a concept EP as first assumed, but this EP does have a unified theme… BRILLIANCE!


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