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Written by: Pete Robson

Every once in a while you'll hear a piece of music that sounds so refreshing that it  stops you dead in your tracks. When ‘Home’ the fourth song from Eyes For Gertrude’s new album ‘Residential Bliss’ hit me, that's exactly what happened. Hannah and Chantelle play vocal tennis with the word 'home' transforming this simple word into an extraordinary focal point of the song. The vocal is used to produce  a wind-instrument like tone, which is a prime example of how creatively these two women approach their vocal arrangements. Hearing this exceptionally creative vocal, awakened my ears to the album, I found myself listening more closely to the spellbinding singing which wove melodic hooks into each song.


Another outstanding track this album has to offer is ‘Julian’, again this is led by the vocals which floats upon a simple, yet highly atmospheric piano, played with meticulous precision. To gently intensify this song the inclusions of strings modestly build. Nothing is overdone everything is just right, everything is perfect.


If I had to generalize Eyes For Gertrude’s new album I would say it is pop music for the thinking man, with a hint of folk. The folk element comes from the regular inclusion of an accordion which gives this modern band a hint of tradition. Track Three ‘Forgiveness killed us’ takes full advantage of this folk fusion and couples the accordion with a cantering rhythm to give this song a European Folk flavour. This album is full of subtle detail which will not be revealed in one listen, the more you listen the more you will hear.

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