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Written by: Pete Robson

Just Millie is a solo artist from Southampton who is working hard to make a name for herself. She has  determination to succeed in the business of making music and the recent release of her EP 'On The Line' is sure to help her on her journey.


The EP is bursting with unforgettable hooks which will have you singing and whistling through the day. A great example of this can be found in the opening track 'Same Journey'. This song has a catchy chorus which repeats the lyrics  'Same Journey, different track, oh I lost my ticket now I can't get it back'. After reading these words one can appreciate the very pleasant pater they have, but when you hear them sung to music they will stick to your brain better than honey sticks to an old man's beard. But 'Same Journey' is not just a pretty song it also has depth, the lyrics are metaphorically expressing the feeling of being lost without any guidance or direction. This style of song writing seems to be one that Millie favours. She writes about emotions and feelings rather than events, making it easy for us the listener to relate to her songs, we can interpret them our own way which makes them personal to us. However the third track titled ‘Spanner in the works’ sees Millie take a different approach to her song writing, she becomes a storyteller singing about an encounter she had with a homeless man she met in London. Placing this song in the middle on the EP adds good contrast and makes me want to keep listening to the end to see if there are any more surprises. After ‘Spanner in the Works’ the EP comfortably continues with 3 more upbeat songs and it is the upbeat nature of this EP that makes me want to hear more from Millie. I just hope any future recording make use of a live band which will give a much richer sound compared to the studio samples used in ‘On The Line'.


Watch our video below to hear what Millie has to say about her EP.

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