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Written by: Pete Robson

If you’re reading this wondering where you have heard the name Luke De-Sciscio before, the chances are you first heard his name here at Music Unbuttoned. We featured him at the end of 2013 and now he is back on our site with his new album ‘Rust’.


This is an album that demands your full attention, sure you can put it on in the car and it will give you a pleasant soundtrack to sweep through the countryside to. But if you give this album some time, a pair of headphones, and a generous serving of volume, you will be rewarded with delicate detail which layers each song with masterful precision. The first example of this can be found on the first track ‘Pretty Years’. Starting with just an electric guitar, the song gains intensity with each element being added gradually. Firstly Luke’s vocal, followed by quick military style drumming and bass. Finally a very subtle keyboard is introduced to modestly flirt with the melody. Just as the track reaches full intensity the drums and bass backoff, before building once again to exhilarate your ears with full band and choral vocals.


This progressive way of developing a song is at the root of the entire album. By using a wide dynamic range, not only can Luke captivate his listeners but he can also give one an opportunity to hear him as a solo performer as well as part of a band. A perfect example of this contrast can be heard on ‘42nd Street’ which has two sections. The first half is stripped back with just vocal and guitar, similar to what you’d hear live (see our video). The second half is ignited with a full band transforming the songs energy.


Although these songs increase with intensity they never become a wall of noise. Each song at its peak still maintains a strong melody whilst leaving space for Luke to weave his impressive vocal into the arrangement. This is a truly impressive album with lots of subtle detail which makes each listen a unique experience.

Please visit Luke's website if you'd like to purchase this album.