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Written by: Pete Robson

Welcome to our first Music Unbuttoned album review and to start proceeding we have our good friend Tom Clements's debut album up for review. Many of you may know Tom Clements from his extensive gigging as either a solo artist or fronting his covers band the TC House Band. But what you may not know is that Tom has been hard at work writing some original songs which he has also recorded and mixed himself at his own recording studio. We met with Tom at his studio to discuss his new album, so be sure to watch our video to see what Tom has to say about his debut album.


Tom's self titled album comprises of nine guitar driven tracks which will have you bopping around the house in your socks like Tom Cruise in the film Risky Business. The first track on the album 'Sum it up' slaps you straight in the face with its forceful guitar intro. This upbeat arrangement continues to flow through the album making each track sound lighthearted. However it's not until you listen more intently to the lyrics that you'll start to notice that the arrangement is misleading with many of the songs telling tails of unhappy times. The 5th song on Tom's album titled 'Dear Kirsty' has lyrics that are fuelled with anger and hurt, this song is like listening to one side of an argument. This could be more intense if the vocal and musical arrangement had been delivered with more venom. Like all of Toms songs the instrumental break perfectly captures the emotion of the song, it's in you face and defiant. The following song which is titled 'Fugue' does have a delivery that compliments the lyrics. The rhythm of the guitar is choppy and anxious which perfectly compliments the unsettled story that unfolds. There are segments in this album that stand out as moments of pure genius and these are the guitar solos and instrumental breaks. It's these moments that you will hear all of Toms talent and creativity explode through your speakers and the good news is there are plenty of these moments throughout the album for you to enjoy.


As stated in the opening paragraph Tom recorded this album in his own studio. This meant he didn't have to record within a limited time and was free to take his time revisiting songs and tweak them as he saw fit. This freedom to record has resulted in Tom's album having an immense sound with an array of instruments and backing singers.


Watch our video below to hear what Tom has to say about his album.

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