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Written by: Rebecca Vermae Clark

This landed in my lap. A band called ‘Tonight We Fly’ and their EP ‘Sum’. I love random suggestions of music so straight away I downloaded the EP and gave it a play. There are very few types of music that make me feel youthful and carefree, they are hard to find. I must say though that this EP allowed me to not only have an amusing listening experience but also put a massive grin on my face. I start playing a game on my walk to work- the one where you don’t step on the cracks. I have no idea what the commuters thought but at that moment in time with the sun breaking through, ‘Careworn’ resounding in my ears, I was in my own care free world. But don’t step on the cracks because you might fall down.


Listening to the EP you are immediately drawn in by a playful tune. The calming vocal melody and empathic emotion transport you gracefully into a warm Spring dream. The songs are catchy, interesting and easy to follow. The track ‘Highs’ wakes you up from this dream with the prettily placed glockenspiel that just adds the ice cream to your sunny day.


The EP reminds me of the time I became fascinated with the soundtrack of the film ‘Juno', when the world was a vast open field without boundaries, it’s free, you are being. The lyrics bring to mind the elegant flow of Kimya Dawson and the Kinks all in one, being very open and honest about the emotions they are trying to convey but without a hint of remorse. The songs are about common issues we all contemplate; how we wish to be ourselves and care free, having highs and lows and being broke.


I love deep soothing voices. What I like most is how the low richness of the main vocal is, at the same time capturing a raw edginess.


I would love to see these guys live, absolutely. I can imagine being able to have a beer and a sing along whilst imaging my favourite summer dreams. This EP makes me smile and makes me dream. That is an epic achievement.

Please visit Tonight We Fly's website