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B.E Cooling Review

Written By Tom Crockford.




Picking up the guitar when he was 15, living in Canada just outside of Toronto. Listening to the likes of The Beatles, The Doors and Neil Young. B Cooling started his musical career by busking, which is quite clear from his wide range of old and new cover material. But I felt his buskin past was also noticeable in his guitar playing, at times it was a little too heavy and thrashy for the songs he was playing. That said his vocals were harmonious and he clearly loved doing what he does.


B.E Cooling played a few originals and these are what caught my attention. My personal favourites being ’It Don’t Matter’ and ‘Don’t Give Up’. While they told us the story of his life and gave us an insight to where he’s from, they also gave us food for thought. With Dylan esque spoken verses and beautifully sung choruses over a country sounding guitar, with clever finger picking interludes. Somehow it all came together and created something I would very happily listen to on my playlist.


His vocals definitely suit a lower range, to accommodate for this B.E Cooling would sometimes take songs down an octave, this did not always sound right. Other times his voice didn’t quite settle with the song. His second set was better than his first, with a better choice of songs which were definitely more suited to his vocal limitations, proving that song selection is very important for any performer.


Would I watch B.E Cooling again? Most definitely. Would I like to hear more of his originals? Without a doubt! Do I recommend for you to go and check him out? If you like clever lyrics, smokey vocals, a stylish look, and a very well played guitar. Then definitely!


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