Bare Jams
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Bare Jams are gaining a reputation as a three piece band who can draw a large crowd and this was proven when we saw them perform in North Dorset. We really had our work cut out battling through the vast audience to film Bare Jams. So it seemed like an obvious question to ask how it feels to play to such a large appreciative audience?


"It can be hectic, we have had people calling out for up to three encores, we've had the P.A speakers almost get knocked over. Once Sam even had a woman try to sit on his lap whilst he was playing. But it's great to play for a passionate audience".


One reason for their success could be that although they do play original material they do also include a few covers, all of which are very recognisable.


"When we're playing pub gigs we want a set that everyone can enjoy. So we will do some old pop songs by artists like Rod Stewart, we'll also include more current songs by artists like Jessie J. Instead of playing loads and loads of cheesy pop songs, we'll make a medley of a few covers that people can sing along to. Doing this means we can give the songs a Bare Jams overhaul".


With a strong repertoire of modern and classic pop songs Bare Jams also have a good selection of original material. Their original songs are best described as acoustic funk but you can also hear influences from Reggae, Soul & R&B.


"Our original music is very lyric driven, we like to think we write songs that people can go away and think about. We write a lot of songs in Sam's shed, we call it the Bare Jams Cave. We throw lyrics at each other and we're all involved with the final arrangement. But writing songs is the sort of thing you need to be in the right frame of mind for. Some times we can write five songs in a day, other times we might not write anything for a few weeks. It just depends how we're feeling at the time".


When speaking with Bare Jams about their original songs they told us that they had made some songs available for free download. We couldn't resist asking them why they choose to give songs away.


"We want people to have our songs on their iPods. We're aware that you can't just release your first album on iTunes and expect people to buy it. We've got to build a fan base and that responsibility is all on us. Giving away a few free tracks is a good way for fans to connect with us. When you're an unsigned band you've got to put yourself in a position to get seen, which is why this summer we hope to do an unofficial Bare Jams tour, this will take us to Cornwall and Italy".

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