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In the past we at Music Unbuttoned have focused mainly on singer/songwriters, so when it was suggested to make a Post-Rock band a featured artist there were concerns amongst the Music Unbuttoned team.  But armed with stubbornness  as an ally I insisted we head to  the Joiners in Southampton where we would meet the Post-Rock band Blueneck. After we had interviewed and filmed the band we stayed to listen to what remained of Bluenecks set. As the evening drew to a close we packed away the cameras and started to load the car. It was at this point stood outside of the venue enjoying the quiet summer night that I asked my good friend and Music Unbuttoned colleague who had been unsure about the chosen band “So what did you think?” He placed his heavy camera bag into the boot of my car, looked at me and said “That was awsome!”


When we caught up with Blueneck it was the first gig of their tour. They had a new lineup and seemed very excited about the bands future. We asked what was new about the lineup?


“Our guitarist Ollie has been replaced by Tim who has brought his own personality to the guitar which has helped to create a bigger sound. We've also Introduced Wilf who has taken on many keyboard parts that I (Duncan) used to do. This will also be the first time we’re taking our own sound guy on tour. He will not be operating  the entire sound desk but he will be adding sound effects, he’ll also be using a Kaoss pad to play around with Duncan’s vocal”.


When you explore Bluenecks back catalogue of albums you’ll see they take a lot of pride in them. Each Album has been released on vinyl, they have even released limited edition coloured vinyl. But this prompts the question are they a band who write with live performances as a focus or do they write for the album?


“We work on the album first, we don't write with the live performance in mind. We then try to adapt the album for a live performance. This often means we end up buying lots more equipment to create the right live sound. We don't try to completely replicate the record instead we think of ways to enhance the live performance. I feel if you sound too close to the record something will often be missing, the live show needs to sound more raw”.


As said earlier this was the first gig of Bluenecks tour. After this they would be crossing the English Channel to perform shows in Netherlands and Germany. Later this year they will also be visiting Russia to play two dates.


“This will be our first trip to Russia but we have performed in Ukraine which was probably one of the most intense and passionate gigs we've ever played. In England people sit back and watch from a distance but in mainland Europe they will come right up to the stage edge. They may even dance which helps us to gauge if they are enjoying it”.


Blueneck have performed many shows with the Swedish band Cult of Luna. I asked how these two bands formed their relationship?


“Funnily enough it all started here at the Joiners. Cult of Luna’s promoter asked for cds of local bands to be sent to him before they headlined at the Joiners. For whatever reason we were included as a local band. They liked what they heard and asked us to support them at the Joiners, we've stayed in contact ever since".


What’s the best thing about being in Blueneck?


“We're just guys that mess around making music, we've got a bit lucky and have a fan base that allows us to go and experience some pretty cool things. It's a real privilege being able to spend day after day with your best friend driving round Europe getting drunk quite a lot and getting paid for it too. It's amazing and we’re very lucky”.



Please visit Blueneck's website