Dan Gordon
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When we met with Dan for this interview it was encouraging to hear him speak about how much he has achieved in a relatively short space of time. In just under two years Dan has exploded onto Bournemouth's music scene, performing in some of the towns most respected music venues, received local press coverage from the Daily Echo and Hope FM. He has also supported Hazel O'Connor and world famous rock band the Troggs. So is Dan's rapid success a result of determination and focus? No, after speaking with Dan it was obvious that his success was nothing more than a by-product from doing something he loves.


"I had a child at the age of 18, this meant music had to take a back seat. In the last couple of years I have been able to concentrate more on music. For the first 6 months I focused on open mic nights, doing two to three a week. This introduced me to lots of people who have helped me to find gigs in Bournemouth. I'm very lucky to have friends who have helped me, I have a friend who puts on the music at Mr Kyps in Poole, he has managed to line up a couple of really good gigs for me. This is how I got the opportunity to support Hazel O'Connor and the Troggs. Supporting the Troggs is great fun, I get on with them quite well and have also supported them in Kent & Wales".


Because Dan seems to have found it relatively easy to establish himself as a musician, I asked him if he planned to take music up as a full time profession?


"I could potentially make music my full time job if I increased the amount of gigs I do, but I'm not sure I would want to. I have a 9 to 5 office job and to make an equivalent amount of money I would possibly have to sell out, I would need to except gigs from venues that demand well known covers. Having a day job gives me freedom to perform the music I want to. If I had to rely on making music to generate an income it may start to feel like a job".


How do you feel about performing covers of songs?


"It depends on where I am playing. If I'm playing a typical bar, I will play a few of my own songs but I will also do a few covers. However if I play a venue that people have paid to enter like Mr Kyps I will play exclusively original songs".


We then asked Dan to talk about his original songs including his song 'Single Working Man' which he performed for us, which you can see in our video.


"I have about 40 minutes of original songs which is about an albums worth of original songs but there are some songs I am happier with than others. I want to be really happy with every song which is why I have decided to produce an EP rather than an album. My song 'Single Working Man' is more about my personal experiences rather than taking a political stance. I'm a single working man I don't get any financial help, I have a child, I have to pay for that child, yet there are people who sit about doing nothing and they complain that their live is so hard".