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The Griswolds

If your guilty pleasure is 80s pop music yet your wardrobe radiates rock, then ‘The Grisworlds’ might be the band for you. This four piece electro-pop band from Sydney Australia have released their first album ‘Be Impressive’ which is essentially an upbeat party album. Well, some may call it that, but if you’re the type to listen to lyrics this album is a different beast. Autobiographical lyrics which deal with some of the darker aspects of life, help to keep this album a little more interesting. The Grisworlds kindly agreed to an interview with us, which we conducting during their tour of America, this may explain their short answers.


Touring the US is considered by many as ‘making it’. What key factor has helped catapult you into your current success?


“Working our asses off”.


Does your album represent your live show, or is your live show a representation of your album?


“Chicken or the egg?”


What do you think makes your sound unique to you?


It's unique to us because it represents us and all we've done in this band so far.  All the music and lyrics are from the heart.


Writing and recording ‘Be Impressive’ was a long and intense process. Was it difficult dealing with the outside world during this process?


“Haha nah we would very happily welcome any conversation that wasn't about the album, it's really important to stay immersed in other things other than writing music or you'll go insane”.


You said that you only have one shot at recording a debut album, but do you think your second album will come with less or more pressure?


“Well, we're writing our new album at the moment.  I like to think that we've learnt to ignore the pressure but I'm sure it'll rear its ugly head at some point, just gotta use it to create good music”.


Tony Hoffer had a big influence in this album, he would challenge the band to create better Lyric and melody. I wanted to know how it felt to have someone adding their own input. Is it easy to take advice or did The Grisworlds have to swallow their pride and learn how to listen to another point of view?


“It was easy with Tony because we all respected him and 99% of the time we agreed with everything he said”.


How much freedom did you have when recording your album?


“All the freedom.  Everyone left us completely alone actually, it was beautiful. We even had full control when it came to approving the final mastered track. All four of us had to approve everything".


Were you present when the kids recorded the vocal for ‘Be Impressive’? Did they come into the studio was it exciting for them?


"Yeah I was. I’m their uncle so it was a family gathering, the kids are still so blown away that they're on the album it was a really cool experience for us all".


Does your mum like what you’re doing?


"She loves it. I don't think she really understands most of what we get up to, but that might be a good thing".

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