Luke De-Sciscio
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Up a narrow staircase in the back room of a quirky pub called The Lamb, which is situated in the small market town of Devizes is a small and intimate music club. We visited this club to meet with Luke De-Sciscio who would be performing a short set to an attentive audience. Luke was one of four acts who would be performing that evening and had sat with us before and after his performance to discuss his music career, whilst enjoying a few pints of Guinness and watching the other acts who performed that night. When Luke's time in the spot light came he started his set with an original song of heart ache titled 'Irreparably', with a gentle soulful delivery he silenced the audience as they gave him their full attention. All of Luke's set consisted of original material except for one Jeff Buckley song 'Mojo Pin', he explained that he had recently returned from New York where he had performed at a Jeff Buckley tribute. Afterwards I asked Luke how the opportunity to travel to America and perform had occurred.


"A promoter who organised the Jeff Buckley tribute invited me to play the gig which was held at Arlene's Grocery in New York, it was too good an opportunity to turn down. I met with a friend who drove down from Canada and I took my girlfriend. We had a really good week, I played three shows it was amazing. The audiences were very receptive, the night of the tribute was amazing they let me play my own songs for an encore, it was like a weird fantastic dream, everybody was so nice. Whilst in America I thought to myself maybe Americans just like cheering because a lot of time they would cheer mid-song and if I said something mildly amusing they would laugh hysterically. My music taste has diversified a lot but for many years Jeff Buckley was all I would listen to, going to America was a bit of a pilgrimage for me, it was great".


When Luke performs, his vocal brilliance engulfs the room but he is also a refined guitarist. Luke explained that the guitar has always been in his life but at times has taken a backseat.


"When I first started singing I let the guitar fall by the way side while I focused on my vocals, I wanted to develop myself as a singer. I became an abysmal guitarist. It wasn't until I listened to a recording of myself I thought 'oh my god I need to get good at the guitar again'. In my younger days I had past my grade 8 and was a pretty good guitarist but after this I decided to never play anything hard ever again. I wanted to get myself a capo and only play four chords, I was bored of difficult guitar playing. I have now realised that it is important to play guitar well, because as a solo artist I need to have the whole package".


Luke spoke about striving to have the whole package so I asked what else he was doing to further his musical adventure?


"Earlier today I was putting a roof on a log cabin I'm building, which I shall use as a recording studio. I learnt that 'Bon Iver' had recorded his album 'For Emma, Forever Ago' in a log cabin using only Shure SM57 microphones. I thought I could do that, I just need a log cabin and some mics. I now have the mics and in three weeks I reckon I will have completed building the log cabin".


We are very excited to tell you that Luke performed a new song for us called '42nd St' and this has been filmed for your enjoyment. Luke spoke to us about how he approached this song differently to others he has written.


"42nd St is probably the first song I have written where I have been thinking about what it's going to sound like. I have been more conscious about the impression you would get if you were not listening to the lyrics. Before this my songs have been fully focused on the lyrics, I just wanted to get things out, because I do genuinely feel that once you have written something in a song you can take it out your mind. I know everyone says this, but song writing is cathartic which is why so many people do it".



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