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Makeshift People are an energetic four-piece band who take their inspiration from modern pop/punk bands. They play hard and fast leaving the audience no option other than to lose their inhibitions and get involved. Makeshift People have been together for over three years, and have recently started to attend The Academy of Contemporary Music. They are now mastering their instruments, transforming themselves from a pubescent garage band to a tight polished rock band. We invite Makeshift People to Toby’s in Shaftesbury where Tom Jobling (record producer) was able to take a professional live sound recording which you’ll hear in this months video, so make sure you turn it up to eleven! After their performance we headed over to the nearest pub, where we could speak with the band and ask where they are from and where they are going.


We are four school mates who were all coming to the end of our summer, wondering what we should do. We considered taking a year out to focus on the band. Fortunately before any life changing decisions were made The Academy of Contemporary Music contacted us, asking if we’d like to go there. It was experimental for them, usually they invite individual musicians, this was the first time they invited a band. So instead of hanging around home for a year we can now make music every day.  It is great to be in a place like this, if we’re in a practice room, people who really know their stuff will put their head through the door offering tips and advice. We have only been at the academy for about six months, but we feel we could not be in a better place.

It seemed pretty obvious that Makeshift People are striving to make their band a full time career. I love their passion for music, but I’m also inspired by their unashamedly honest desire to making music their way of life.


We would love to make a living from music, we have always said we'd be happy living in a van if it meant we didn't have to get real jobs. One of our favourite bands 'Lower Than Atlantis', said that during their first tour, each show would pay just enough money to buy petrol which would get them to their next gig. We know you have to go through the hard times to get anywhere.


Makeshift People are clearly learning a great deal about making music at The Academy of Contemporary Music, but do they get much first hand experience of performing to an audience.


Because The Academy of Contemporary Music is a ‘music’ academy they get enquiries all the time from people in need of a bands. Because we arrived at the academy as a complete band, we have been put forward many time to play at parties and events. Our first gig was within the first couple of weeks of being there. We were asked to play at a 30th birthday party in Bournemouth. I’m pleased to say we played reasonably well, proving to the academy that we have a set ready for performing.


Tom Walker (Lead Guitarist) played a beautiful semi-hollow Fender Telecaster with rolling F holes, I also noticed a spare solid body Telecaster perched at the back of the stage. Tom must be a man with a passion for Fender Telecasters, I thought. But when I asked about his choice of guitar I was surprised by Tom’s answer.

This is an interesting question because I have no idea about guitars at all. After watching bands and seeing what guitars they used I decided that Fenders where pretty popular in the genre of music I aspired to. I went to a music shop, sat and played many guitars. The first guitar I played was a semi-hollow Telecaster which sounds unbelievable, the shop assistant said "You have made a mistake playing this one first, you’re not going to like anything after that". She was right. I played a few other guitars but nothing sounded as good as that.


As we discussed musical instruments Barney Shanks was keen to tell us that he has had to make several repairs to his drum kit, often using household objects, including an allen key and a keyring loop. As I listened to Barney proudly tell us about his repairs I noticed the arm on his eye glasses had also been repaired with sellotape. The band joked “don't say it makeshift”.


Finally we asked what is next for Makeshift People?


We’ve got a couple of new songs we want to work on in the studio with the intention to release an EP. So keep an eye out for that.


 Sound Recording by Tom Jobling

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