Matt Woosey
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When Matt came to meet us he was accompanied by his friend and Cajon (box drum) percussionist Dave Small. They had played a gig the night before, Matt told us he had asked over the microphone during the show if anyone in the audience could put them up for the night. To their surprise someone in the audience agreed. It is small stories like this that make me think Matt is living a life that many musicians can only dream of. This is confirmed when you look at his ruthless schedule of gigs some times performing up to seven nights a week. Matt explained to us that he has been exceptionally busy recently following the launch of his new album 'On The Waggon'.


"The tour is going really well, we have paid for some PR for this tour so we're doing lots of radio interviews/sessions, we're also receiving radio plays and reviews in magazines".


Because Matt was busy promoting his album when we interviewed him it made me wonder if Matt sees himself as a recording artist or a performing artist?


"I'm more concerned about getting as many people to each gig as possible really. I want people to have the album because it's a recorded representation of what we do but I'd rather have people come to my shows. I am very proud of the album it has been very well recorded. It took a day to record, a day to mix and half a day mastering".


Matt has also had the privilege of touring over seas and has plans which will take him and his guitar 'Faith' to tour distant lands again in the near future. We asked Matt specifically about his experience of touring in South Africa.


"I toured in South Africa for one month this involved twenty-one shows which included a couple of festivals, house concerts, pubs, clubs and bars. Blues is slowly growing in South Africa with a few blues festivals popping up here and there. To arrange the tour I emailed many venues, the first reply I received asked me to perform for five nights at a theatre".


Because Matt has managed to craft himself a successful career from music I felt obliged to ask if he still has ambition or if he is content maintaining his current level of success.


"I would like to be playing bigger venues three or four times a week rather than small venues every night of the week. I would like to be doing tours that are already organised because arranging my own tour takes up a huge amount of time. But I don't think I will ever be satisfied, the minute I'm playing to a few hundred people I will then want to start play to a few thousand people".


Matt has recently secured himself a gig at the world famous London jazz club 'Ronnie Scotts'. I asked Matt how he managed to get a gig at this renowned venue.


"They phoned me after seeing a video on youtube. I hung up the phone because I thought it was someone having a laugh but fortunately they phoned me back. I have been invited to perform at one of their 'New Folk' evenings which they hold upstairs".

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