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mixing cocktails and vinyl mixing cocktails and vinyl
With Reggie

We have all explored a small part of this earth searching for great music in great venues. But the best live music venue may be a little closer than you think. I was invited to what I thought was a traditional summer barbecue, however the host 'Reggie’ was mixing both cocktails and records. With a Spiced Ginger Mojito in hand Reggie performed a live set of 'House' for his regular radio show on


Now I know a large chunk of Music Unbuttoned readers are musicians, and I can understand those who think "playing records isn't live music". And you'd be right, any fool can put on a record, but 'mixing' records is a different beast. A good DJ uses records like a guitarist uses chords, you can't just pick a lucky dip of chords and expect them to sound good, nor can you carelessly grab a handful of records. You need to research and practice. But it is the process of physically mixing the vinyl which transforms this into live music, a good mix can spark a fire, a bad mix can put it out.


Reggie's 'House' party taught me that buying records is expensive, mixing records is an art, Spiced Ginger Mojitos are delicious, and a terrace house is a perfect live music venue. So next time you have a few friends round why not make, play and share music together!

Tune into 6-7pm
nd & 4th Saturday's of each month to hear Reggie.

Spiced Ginger  Mojito


Mint Leaves

Lime Juice

12ml Sugar Syrup

35ml Spiced Rum

50ml Alcoholic Ginger Beer


Shake all the ingredients together with ice, strain into tall glass, over crushed ice.