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Each time I get the opportunity to see Moulettes perform live I am mesmerised by their exceptional musicianship. Each band member from the back of the stage to the front gives a performance that will captivate every member of the audience. This is because most band members are accomplished with more than one instrument switching and swapping throughout the live show. But the show is not just a pick and mix of instruments, it is an enchanting evening of perfectly crafted songs delivered with class. We asked Hannah how they tackle writing such intricate songs?


"The writing process happens in lots of different ways. I might approach the band with some sort of structure which then gets built upon. One of the key features of this band is that lots of people have come and gone at different times bringing lots of different influences with them including folk, classical and even progressive rock. We don't have to fit them all in but we like trying, much to our detriment and a lot of sleepless nights of trying to squeeze ten minutes into a 3 minute song".


Moulettes may be influenced by many different artists and genres but I was keen to ask if they could recommend an artist or band that Moulettes fans should listen too?


"We would probably all say different things. I (Hannah) would probably guide people in the direction of Scandinavian folk music. It's a style of instrumental folk I have always listened too. Maybe a band like Väsen would be a good recommendation, they don't come to the UK very often so they shouldn't be missed when they do".


I have spoken about Moulettes live performance but we can't neglect their exceptional album 'The Bear's Revenge' whichrecently received a 4 out of 5 star review in the Guardian. The energy and excitement the Moulettes generate at live shows has been captured impeccably in the studio which gives the album a great sense of drama. Each song is decorated with the harmony and a percussive drive which is distinctive to Moulettes. However their exceptional talent ensures each song sounds unique. With the ever changing way we all buy and sell music I asked Ollie how the Moulettes sell most of their albums?


"We sell the majority of our albums at gigs. Digital distribution is still a work in progress I think our last payout from Spotify was ten pence which make performing live all the more important. You're either a band or your not and a band is about performing live".

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