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A three piece rock band, restoring my faith in rock. by Paul Blake

I pretty much fell out of love with rock music in the late 90’s. And now, when I look around I’m surrounded by the same bands. In recent years there seem to have been far less bath-tub incidents, gardening accidents or dangerous chemistry experiments than in the decades before. More and more of our heroes are staying with us resulting in the emergence of huge super-groups, riding the wave on massive legal machines to ensure they stay at the top. And it’s our money that’s paying for it.


But what can we do? I hear you ask. Well, you have a choice. You can turn off the radio and go and look for yourselves. You have the power people!


I like nothing more than walking into a bar or festival and finding my new favourite band, buy their cd, even a t-shirt. Or just get on my phone and find them on Spotify. Because unsigned bands can do that now.


They save their gig money to pay for studio time, or just get on and do it themselves. I’d love to think that it’s bands like these that are threatening the big corporations. One such band I recently walked in on, Third Lung, are doing just that.


As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t been interested in rock for a long time, but this band really pulled me in.  Front man, Tom Farrelly, has a voice laced with familiarity, with echoes of Robert Plant and nods to Chris Cornell; it sits comfortably within the genre. But then it pushes through the last decade taking influences from bands like The Killers and Queens Of The Stone Age. But, end result, the voice you hear, is most definitely Tom Farrelly.


The rest of the band follow suit with a powerful rhythm section made up of Sam Waugh on Drums and Rob Jacques on Bass. These guys are tight and they’re on it!


Live they are heavy on the attack. A three piece rock band. High gain guitar cutting through a thick layer of bass and kick. The album takes this forward and shows that the band has a really good understanding of what a bit of well spent time and production can do.


The album is great! The band rock! There is nothing not to like here. Can’t wait to find out what they do next….. I’ll keep you posted.


Please visit Third Lung's website