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Scott McKeon Superjam

Written By Pete Robson.




You know it’s been a good gig when you phone your dad at 9 o’clock the following morning to tell him how great it was.

Imagine walking into a local pub to see some of the world's most sought-after session musicians on stage jamming. This is exactly what happened on Thursday the 28th of January at the Thomas Tripp in Christchurch.  Guitarist Scott McKeon who has played with the likes of Tom Jones, Joe Bonamassa, and Lana Del Rey, to name but a few, brought his 'Superjam' to Bournemouth. With more than 10 world class musicians on stage including a three-piece brass section, it was an evening to be remembered. The icing on the cake came from special guest John Illsley of Dire Straits who joined the Scott McKeon Superjam to sing and play bass on one of Dire Straits most-loved songs Money For Nothing. As the evening drew to an end and we spilled out onto the street you couldn't help but hear the murmuring of people congratulating themselves on witnessing something special.

A big thank you to David Burgess who kindly allowed us to use his excellent photo's. Please visit his Facebook page