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Everyone involved with Music Unbuttoned has (at the very least) one album by the modern day blues soloist Son Of Dave. So when we heard he would be harping, looping, and beatboxing the night away at the Music Box in Salisbury we ensured we were there.


What you may be surprised to learn is that we had not gone to review Son Of Dave’s performance. He regularly performs all over the UK, so you may as well go out and have a good night at one of his concerts yourself, rather than read what a good night we had. We also resisted the temptation to make Son Of Dave a featured artist. He has had a long successful career so we would hardly be introducing you to new music. Instead we met with Son Of Dave before his performance to ask him a few questions about his music. The good news is we filmed the whole thing so we can share it with you!

Please visit Son Of Dave's website